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"We have been with The Kurzer Group for over 20 years. Their guidance and long-range foresight in matters beyond taxes: such as cash flow, corporate structure, estate planning, debt planning and control, and growth have proven to be invaluable and irreplaceable. Their unparalleled expertise regarding tax incentives and grants specific to Newark, NJ has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes."

Mitch Cahn, President
Newark, New Jersey

"For many years I have relied on The Kurzer Group to handle almost all of my accounting, tax and bookkeeping needs. They have been responsible for my strategic tax planning, financial planning and estate planning. I have asked them to consult with me on numerous corporate tax issues. I sleep easier knowing that The Kurzer Group is on my side."

Donald Terlizzi
Chairman of the Board
Ballet Makers, Inc.
D/B/A Capezio

"For nearly 10 years The Kurzer Group, LLC has provided quality service, from taxes to quarterly financial reports to bank liaising, that is second to none. Michael A Kurzer, the partner on our account, is not only an impressively knowledgeable and trusted advisor, but he goes the extra mile to give our family business a sense of security by acting as an extension of our team. We graciously rely on Michael’s business acumen and unflappable attitude to guide us in difficult or confusing situations and often against tight timelines. We are always comfortable asking questions knowing that he will explain financial issues in language we can understand. Michael’s candid nature ensures that no time is wasted and gives us the confidence to put our conversation into action. As a business run by six family members, Michael has deftly managed many different personalities and outlooks to help the company remain focused on our common goals. His investment in our success, both personally and professionally, has allowed us to lay the groundwork for a transfer of leadership to the next generation. With Michael’s keen eye on our side, we know that the next 30 years will be even more successful than the last 30."

Accurate Door
The Cornetto Family